Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Pregnancy Notes

I'm cleaning up my desktop and found the notes I took from the Laugh and Learn DVD I watched when I was pregnant— I was too cheap [and lazy!] to take an actual live class. Before I send the text file to trash, thought I'd save it here. Perhaps someone else could make use of it or perhaps I might need it again.. :>

pelvic station: -4 to 4
cervical dilation-- thinning 1-10cm
efacement-- 0-100% elasticity

6 signs of preliminary labor
1. braxton hicks contractions: tightening around belly; stops when change activity
2.weight stabilization occurs two weeks before labor
3. burst of energy 2 weeks before labor-- nesting, 48 hrs
4. engagment/ baby dropping' lightening==--breath easier, pee more -- baby drops, easier to breath,
5.increased vag discharge
6.diarrhea-- tip off-- cleaning things out

signs of labor
1. loss of muucus plug-- white, ~2",
2.water breaks around baby. ruptured membrane. sit down note time call doctor. 'green you go [to hospital] note color: should be clear not green. put you on time clock. zi/merconium
3. contractions
measure from start to start-- should be every 5 minutes for 1hr [12 contractions]
if you can't talk thru a contractions then ur in labor

breathing technique: take focus off pain
1. slow chest breath: 4-6 breaths/minute [use when you can no longer walk, talk, joke thru contractions]
2. the heehee

rules of breathing
1. focal pt.
2. cleansing breath: in nose out mouth
3.practice for a minute

Labor - 3 stages

1. cervix opens 1-10cm
Three Phases
1. early phase: cervix opens 1-3cm, contractions 5-20min apart, each contraction lasts 30-45 secs long; 10-12hrs-->takes longest; no mucus plug, cervix thinned out

rules: 1. don't start timing until it starts hurting
2. stop eating solid food, drink/eat clear [ie. jello]
3.entertainment phase-- hurts least

2.active: cervix open 4-8cm, contractions 2-3min apart, each contraction lasts 1min.; 4-6 hrs; usually admit to hospital, usually give iv [for hydration & poss drugs later], sometimes doc might break your water if it hasn't broken already--> use amnihook; 1 in 5 experience back labor-->get on all fours; bloody show, nausea, vomit common

3.transitional: cervix open 8-10cm, contractions 60-90 secs apart, each contraction lasts 60-90 secs; 1-2 hrs; urge to push blow it away-->don't push too soon-->will wreck cervix; rectal pressure often a sign

2, baby born
10cm, start to push
1-2 hrs
pain eases up a lil
1min push, 3-5min break
poss episiotomy

doc checks baby-- apgar evaluation [0-10; 2#s]
5.response reflect

1. erthythromycin ointment in eye, state law
2. id
3. footprint
4. vit k

3. placenta comes out-->want out intact; check blood type

imprint in first 2 hrs-->breastfeed

perineal massage

-don't start until at least 4cm

demerol - narcotic, iv--immediate; raises pain threshold, takes edge off, doesn't take pain away; puts some asleep; not before 4cm, not after 8cm, passes placenta; sometimes causes nausea

epidural - continuous regional anaesthetic, pro: no pain, doesn't pass thru placenta, can be used in c-section; cons: can't push, walk, pee; bp drop, babys hr goes down; hot spot, 1/2; shakes; better @5+cm-->in active labor

walking epidural - narcotic no anaesthetic, can push, walk, pee

general anaesthia

pitocin- induce labor; reason:overdue, big baby, epidural, stalled labor; ~12hrs



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