Sunday, December 30, 2012

British Invasion! - Top Model! :>

We headed down to Santa Clara just for the heck of it— per Mom's suggestion. We're not that adventurous and can pretty much stick to a routine once we've got it down but, you know, sometimes you've gotta mix it up :>

I saw this British flag printed on this mini-stage piece for a mannequin and was drawn to it, thinking this would be a perfect place to take a pic of Nui Nui. To be honest, I didn't think it'd work, thinking she wouldn't want to sit there, would move to much/fast for my crappy camera [many a photo which I've missed by the by], and that there wouldn't be enough light. Try Try Try, though. It's the least you can do.

Other than the florescent [or tungsten?] lighting, I think they turned out well. [Disclaimer: Momma moment— couldn't decide which was best so posted them all :>]

Here, we had Nui Nui walk through a pint-size door crafted especially for those of her height. She just woke up from a nap and wasn't buying into it, literally. Ignore the 'B'Gosh' portion of the sign. Most who went through weren't anyway... oops! :>

Pau Pau trying to lure Nui Nui through :>

Then I took Nui Nui to the kids 'playground'. The more appropriate name for it, though, is more on the lines of war zone? crazy field? wild zoo? It was ridiculous. Kids running, jumping, screaming, pushing, shoving each other. It was a crazy workout, I don't know what I was thinking. Nui Nui loved it though and I'm happy to see her progress physically— ie. climbing— every time I take her to these types of places.

I love how she looks up at me like this. It's her are-you-still-there?-slash-are-you-watching? look. Rest assured, love, I'm doing my best to record it :>




Score! Acme! :>

Earlier, pre-workout, while Nui Nui was sleeping, we passed a candy store with epic candy. Epic.

All in all, it was a good day. A great adventure! :>

What did you do this past weekend? Comment below, we'd love to hear!

Houston, We Have A Forward-Facing Babe! :>

As I mentioned earlier this week, I managed to install Nui Nui's new, bigger carseat on Xmas Day. The next day, when I brought her to school, though, I realized her legs are still too long to be rear-facing. So that evening, I had to re-install her car seat to the forward-facing position.

After that, I was swimming in excited motherhood. I was actually eager to test it out— Nui Nui riding in the car with me where I could actually see her whole face and body. I don't usually get over-the-top excited about these kinds of things, not that I was even... or maybe I was... I did share with a co-worker or two my excitement :> :>

Here she is. After a 'long' trip down south... I still dote on my sleeping babe :>

What have you been excited about lately? Comment below, we'd love to hear! :>

The Secrets Of HealthyButJuicy Lips REVEALED! :>

Chapped lips are so passé! And forever is a long time. But seriously, why suffer? Banish those rough, cracked, possibly bleeding lips forever!

Follow this simple routine (#failproof) and you'll be kissable year round no matter what! Take it from me, editor of HealthyButJuicy and with the lips to prove it! :>

Enjoy! And thanks for watching!

Need more tips? Write them in the Comments below! We'd love to help! :>

Have tips of your own? Share them, too, in the Comments! We'd love to hear! :>

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 - A Year In Growth

Nui Nui is so heavy. I said that the day she was born and still continue to say it :> Luckily, as she grows, so do my muscles. Hmph... and the doctor told me I need to go exercise... psha. :>

I haven't seen Mom hold Nui Nui to sleep for a long time though it used to be daily practice not too long ago. Not that Grandma doesn't want to hold her. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She misses napping with Nui Nui :> But now, the difficulty arises in that she clobbers Grandma :> At the rate she's growing, Nui Nui will be holding Pau Pau to sleep :> :>

ps. Ignore the quality of the photos. The people in them more than make up for the shoddy camera they were taken on. #needanewcamerabad!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

15 Months!

Happy Holidays, Everyone! ...Bah! Despite my having to go back to work today... :>

Nui Nui turned 15 months on Xmas Eve and we missed last month's update when Pau Pau was away during Thanksgiving. We combined the last two months in this month's update. Of course I didn't write everything I wanted down and of course missed things to share. Sorry!

It's been a resolution of mine for months now to keep on top of things, tweet more even, but to no avail. I'm hoping this new year I can kick myself into gear and maybe follow through. It's harder without a smart phone... complain complain.. NOT! :> I have nothing to complain about and hope you're in as good spirits as I was/am today! :>

Compared to 13 months, look how much she's grown! :> :>

What are your 'baby's' <*wink*> latest updates? Comment below! We'd love to hear!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oink Oink Xmas 2012!

We spent last night, Xmas Eve, at Auntie Pat's house and had a good time. Lots of noise, food, sips, laughs, and presents :>

By today, Xmas Day, I was exhausted and looking forward to some rest. Nui Nui again! treated me well by letting me sleep in til 9:24am. She was just standing there in her crib quietly waiting. I could've slept longer had I not heard her... now that I think about it, how to you hear someone standing?... I probably had a enough sleep :>

Anyway.. despite thinking I'd have a lazy day in, my day in was not so lazy. As I write this I'm proud I accomplished everything I set out to do this weekend but am sore-achy-tired than desirable.
  • Did I install Nui Nui's new, bigger car seat? Check.
  • Did I assemble Nui Nui's art easel she got from Santa? Check.
  • Did I lower Nui Nui's crib to the last notch because she's too tall for the middle slat? Check.
  • Did I enjoy watching Nui Nui grow and develop at lightning speed this past year? Check.
  • Did I love Nui Nui to pieces and intend to keep doing so in the future? Check.

Should I write future blog posts strictly in Q&A form? [Comment below! :>]

Anywho, by the time I finished all the above, I was tired and hungry. Mom was amazing as usual and cooked us a special treat that hit the spot and topped Xmas off with a bang! Baby back spare ribs! Nom nom! #bestmomever

What did you eat this Xmas [or past two days :>]?

Comment below! We'd love to hear!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Xmas Early :>

Nui Nui didn't wake up until 9:30am!! She probably would have kept sleeping had I not had to have gotten up for a phone call. She treats me very well. Talk about stellar early xmas gift :>

I NEED to get a new camera. There were so many good smiling shots down the drain because this camera cannot capture motion. Instead you get a somber feel but, believe me, that was not the case.


Pau Pau Sends A Season's Greetings Of Her Own :>

Mom told me not to post a pic of Nui Nui crying this year. ...Oops! Too late! She obviously didn't see my post yet. In lieu of, she created a greeting of her own.

What do YOU think? Which do you like better? [Refer to previous post.] :>

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Hollerdays! (2012 Edition)

Nui Nui doesn't cry that much. I mean, really cry. I mean, she cries out, obviously, like when she needs us (ie. when she wakes up in the morning and needs to feel safe) but that's just a means to call us. Cry out, not cry cry. She cries when I drop her off in daycare but that's, again, need (to feel safe).

Other times Nui Nui 'cries'...? When she doesn't want to go to the bathroom— because it's boring or she doesn't have to go or she already went to the bathroom... in her diaper (and back to the first reason)— cry out. When she gets hurt— cry for reason. When she wants something— cry out.

Tears are rare but I caught them recently when I gave her, her first couple of showers. It might have been because I put the water too hot [oops! still figuring out showering] or because she's scared or because of both. [I realize it's probably the former, though, because once I cooled down the water and she realized it wasn't so hot, she eased up].

Crying when she was a baby baby was easy to catch— from womb to dry air can be pretty stressful— so last year's pic was easier to capture. Nevertheless, here we have Nui Nui in all her glory.

Wow, another year gone by. We were on the east coast this time last year. Snow, frigit cold, fleece abounding, Alice EE's house, floppy Nui Nui... Nui Nui could barely hold up her own head! And look at those teeth!!! They grow up fast. Broken record, I know, but it's true. And speaking of baby, it's so funny to hear people refer to Nui Nui as Baby. Yes, she will always be my baby baby but... baby?? She isn't a baby! She's a toddler, a big girl! She's taking showers no for goodness sake! :> :> lmfao.

Happy Hollerdays, loves! Wishing you and your loved ones all the love!

Share your holiday pics in the comments below! We'd love to hear about and see them!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

OOTD - All-American Girl!

There's a funny story behind this Outfit Of The Day.

I put together Nui Nui's top [a red onsie that reads: My ♥ Belong to Mommy] and blue-striped pants, and Pau Pau helped pick out a sweater, as we were in a rush. I came out of the shower to see which sweater she chose and Pau Pau 'jokingly' asked if I approved, knowing I would be semi-picky of what she chose. I think we were going out that night with friends so was actually going to be picky about it.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised. Pau Pau matched the outfit perfectly and actually made it even better. Everything tied in so nicely— consistency of stripes and the red-white-blue theme. I had forgotten she had that sweater, the sweater that Pau Pau actually insisted we get. Now I love it and we laugh about it and Pau Pau rubs it in my face, which is ok because I deserve it! :>

Do you ever buy clothes and think they're only so-so but the more you wear it, the more you love it?

Comment below, we' love to hear!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Girls Take Showers :>

Nui Nui took her second shower today. Babe is growing up!

Baths are another one of those things— once you get used to and master how to do something, they grow and develop and move onto the next step-up way to do it. Not complaining, however. Though I still need to develop our routine, this is the cleaniest means to get her clean.

#sobigsofast!! I can't get over it. She's getting to be so mature in so many ways. Language especially! She easily, now, repeats what we say— two, even three, syllables words.

Today, she's finally bringing back her kissing skills. Funny, she used to give up wet ones before but then it became forehead-to-forehead. Now we're finally getting closer to kisses on the cheek. Love it. LOVE HER!

Mom let us borrow her little shower seat because it kind of got wet when Nui Nui just held onto the tub's outward-facing side. This worked a little better. Once I master our showering techniques, will be sure to share if interested :>

As for shower, Nui Nui has no trouble saying it. Comes out like: showwwwwwwwwwwww-werrrrrrrrr! :> :>

Monday, December 17, 2012

Supper Club Does 31st Union

Supper Club continues! This is one of my favorite activities to do. Going out to nice (yet affordable) restaurants, nibbling on gud food, all the while sharing good laughs and good times with good people. #makingmemories

It's what I had imagined I'd be doing in my 20s but... sigh... all that time wasted and lost. O well, that was the past, this is now.

Anywho, I'm thankful and glad I can do these kinds of things with The Babe at my side. I know there are people out there who incorporate their tiny editions in their lives with friends and I'm determined to be one of those people. Those who don't like, accept, or want to be around kids, well, can forfeit our company. I'm a package deal.

Here we are. Supper Club does 31st Union.

Nui Nui Conoce Tio Gardo

We met up with Tio Gardo, who was asking and looking forward to meeting Nui Nui :> He's been traveling a bunch these past number of weeks for work. It's amazing to hear the number of places he's been in such as short timespan. The sum supersedes all the places I've been in the past decades combined probably. Sigh, as you might guess, I'm not the traveler. ...but I sure can use a vacation :>

The weather was crummy all weekend. I sadly skipped an early breakfast with momma-friends but counted my stars for getting to sleep in til 9am. Nui Nui treats me really well sometimes :>

We went to La Boulange, one of my favorite places. Bummed that they ran out of french toast, so I shared a chicken bacon melt with Nui Nui instead. Nui Nui was not shy, very friendly, and in a good mood. It's funny, as a parent, I think I get self-conscious of my child's behavior/mood/attitude etc., as it is a reflection of my parenting. And, well, it is. And it isn't. Do any of you out there feel the same?

Love like mad. #mantra. It's the best you and I can do.

Here we are! In the misty rain, smiles and all :>

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Birthday To Good Friends!

I feel like I'm getting the DIY bug.

Two of my friends share a birthday today. Last year, I made one of them a video. [As for the other, I hadn't met her yet :>]

I like birthdays. I don't know why. In part, I think it's *like* the one day of the year that's yours. And it's the day of the year that your loved ones get to celebrate you. Perhaps it's a little self-centered but whatever, who cares, you do matter! . . . [not that I tend to celebrate mine myself... but I'm working on it! :>]

Anywho, so I try to at least recognize peoples' birthdays. If not with a card, at least a well-wish. Typically I pull something from the internet that I try to tie, or make relevant (in some way) to the person. I haven't had a whole lot of time lately. Nui Nui hasn't been sleeping well, I've been working a bit of overtime, and well, I guess I'm just out of shape. So I'm trying to find images to no avail. Best, I thought after a few minutes, to pull one of my own. And, well, here you have it. I can't find anything that'll make your ass twitch more :> [ref. French Kiss]

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All American Girl In The Sand!

Ok ok. I admit it. I'm a babeaholic. I took a bunch of pics of Nui Nui this past Sunday— when I took her to the park... [70degF in December!]— and can't decide which to post so I'll be posting most of them— mind you, this is not ALL of them! :>

Nui Nui is wearing a really nice, thick-materialed onsie that states: My Heart Belongs To Mommy. Ok ok, I admit again, it's vice versa but whatevs.

I then put her in a really nice pair of blue striped pants that have subtle bows on the ankles. I was in a rush and asked Pau Pau to get a sweater for her and she chose this red- and white-striped number. Pau Pau was in fact the one that picked it out in the store. H&M in case you're wondering— both the sweater and pants. Really nice quality, really stylish. I was skeptical of what Pau Pau might have picked but I love it.

Bam! [Stamped!] Approved! :>

Pau Pau was insulted by my doubts but just another thing to laugh about. :>

And here we are. Nui Nui rode the swings, crawled through the tunnel, climbed up and slid down the slide, steered a wheel, looked through a wooden car, and watched the other kids. The park: it's always a good time! uh o uh o ohhhh, always a good time.... Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!

Eat this! ...[Tommy Hilfiger ain't got nothin'!]... :>

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Party - The Next Babelicious Generation!

Back posting - Friday night - the night that would wear me out for the rest of the weekend. lmfao.

I was in a rush to get to the party and didn't have time to get the usual daily updates from Pau Pau. If only I had let M take a nap during the party... #sooutofshape

Here we are though! M & her playdate O— The Next Generation. Babes at their finest :>

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lasik Sunglasses & A Berry Glazed Donut Bagel!

I went for a free consultation for Lasik. Yeah, I'm still debating whether I should go through with it. The fence has a nice view from here.

The appointment consisted of dialating my eyes. They gave me these funky cool 'glasses' without stems. They came rolled up and stayed on my face my 'pinching'. Really cool idea/invention I must say.

Thereafter we went to Noah's bagels. I wish they still had the Pumpkin Walnut Crunch bagels because those were amazing but lasted for only a short period of time. Now the seasonal flavor is Berry Crunch. I decided to try it because, hey, limited time, right?

What did look like? A mess. What did it taste like? A decadent blueberry glazed donut. Is this what's causing my high LDL?

Nah! :>

Supper Club Does 31st Union!

Last week was a handful. By weekend I was exhausted. Weekend? What weekend? Yeah, run over by a truck exhausted to the bone.

But the slew of hits started with a lovely, delicious bang. The Supper Club continues! Bwah ha ha! (?) (:>) And I love it. This is what life is all about— gud friends, gud laughs (and banter :> *wink*), and gud babes that are the love of your life to share in the gud times!

Delicacies included: Salami, cheese, baconed brussel sprouts, more cheese! (grilled between bread :>), spicy wings, fish & chips, ice cream sammies, bread pudding, lost and found baby bottle cap :> The latter, I must say, was the sweetest :>

The Nom Nom.

The No Mom No Mom Mom Nom.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

THE Royal Babe! :>

My Number One. And what I'm thankful for.

Unconditional Love.

Unconditional love describes the kind of love that I have for this little person. It also describes the love this little person has to share.

Look at this girl! So friendly! :> I swear, she will wave hello and blow kisses goodbye to everyone! :> :>

We spent Turkey Day 2012 out and about (sans Grandma :<). We went to Starbucks for lunch, Old Navy and snagged us a balloon and I bought her a ball for the big bubble gum machine, then I took her to the park, where there were tons of kids and young families. We were very thankful for the lovely weather.

I can't help but smile when I look at this girl. Even if it's a 2D flat, pixelated image. Truly the love of my life! And I hope you can share in the smiles she brings :> :> #royalbabe!

Turkey Day!

I am admittedly behind on photos et al. I could schedule this and future posts but I won't. Enjoy the recount trickle :>

We spent the evening of Thanksgiving with The Clan [at Auntie's house]. I dressed Michelena in this smashing outfit of this floral, corduroy top with jeggings. She loved to chase after the dog and actually grab its tail. We had turkey, cabbage, prime rib, bruschetta with proscuitto and manchego, bread, and cheesecake.

We missed Pau Pau but still had a good time.

Here Nui Nui is here with her cousins— The Next Generation :> #love

More to come on our Turkey daytime adventures :>

Monday, December 3, 2012

Black Fryday Haul-Lookbook!

This is what keeps me up late at night. < hashtag> neverenoughtime < /hashtag> #lovedoingthis :>

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toddler's Outfit Of The Day

It's been a while since filming and uploading a video [even picture of that matter!]. A bad cold has sucked both the energy and creativity out of the both of us.

Last night was the first day of a full night sleep in a long time and so I'm hoping to kick-start sharing our life and our kissed with you again :>

Thanks for being patient!

H&M is one of my favorite stores to shop for Nui Nui. Stylish yet affordable. Their kids shoes are almost all under $10 and they even have an arch support. Love it!

What are you and your babes wearing this fall/winter season? Comment below, we'd love to hear!

Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

M's Lookbook: Feeling Better In A Fluffy White Vest

Nui Nui was definitely feeling much better than yesterday— not feverish— though her throat was still hurting her at time. She took Tylenol at breakfast, lunch, and before she went to bed. She also took a really long nap in the afternoon. I'm guessing about 3 hours.

I gave her a bath in the morning and dressed her in some of her new clothes— she's seriously outgrowing her regulars (which isn't a surprise— they are 9-12 months.. admittedly :>) It's so funny the way kids clothes work. You think they are tiny to begin with but you end up using them past the sized age. You also think you don't like something at first but after seeing them in it so many times, you begin to love it. Kids have that magical power of making everything beautiful :>

Check out the complete PHOTO SHOOT for more pics! :>

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