Friday, January 13, 2012

Growth Spurt, Beautiful Thighs

Michelena woke up from a longer-than- usual nap— 45 minutes long...

...and woke up with these beautiful, juicier thighs.

...this is probably the only time in her life that I can document things like this. Seizing the opp. oops! lmfao.

Love you babe, to pieces!

With these thighs, though, M can sit up more with Grandma.

Such a pretty big little lady, I dote.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Pregnancy Notes

I'm cleaning up my desktop and found the notes I took from the Laugh and Learn DVD I watched when I was pregnant— I was too cheap [and lazy!] to take an actual live class. Before I send the text file to trash, thought I'd save it here. Perhaps someone else could make use of it or perhaps I might need it again.. :>

pelvic station: -4 to 4
cervical dilation-- thinning 1-10cm
efacement-- 0-100% elasticity

6 signs of preliminary labor
1. braxton hicks contractions: tightening around belly; stops when change activity
2.weight stabilization occurs two weeks before labor
3. burst of energy 2 weeks before labor-- nesting, 48 hrs
4. engagment/ baby dropping' lightening==--breath easier, pee more -- baby drops, easier to breath,
5.increased vag discharge
6.diarrhea-- tip off-- cleaning things out

signs of labor
1. loss of muucus plug-- white, ~2",
2.water breaks around baby. ruptured membrane. sit down note time call doctor. 'green you go [to hospital] note color: should be clear not green. put you on time clock. zi/merconium
3. contractions
measure from start to start-- should be every 5 minutes for 1hr [12 contractions]
if you can't talk thru a contractions then ur in labor

breathing technique: take focus off pain
1. slow chest breath: 4-6 breaths/minute [use when you can no longer walk, talk, joke thru contractions]
2. the heehee

rules of breathing
1. focal pt.
2. cleansing breath: in nose out mouth
3.practice for a minute

Labor - 3 stages

1. cervix opens 1-10cm
Three Phases
1. early phase: cervix opens 1-3cm, contractions 5-20min apart, each contraction lasts 30-45 secs long; 10-12hrs-->takes longest; no mucus plug, cervix thinned out

rules: 1. don't start timing until it starts hurting
2. stop eating solid food, drink/eat clear [ie. jello]
3.entertainment phase-- hurts least cervix open 4-8cm, contractions 2-3min apart, each contraction lasts 1min.; 4-6 hrs; usually admit to hospital, usually give iv [for hydration & poss drugs later], sometimes doc might break your water if it hasn't broken already--> use amnihook; 1 in 5 experience back labor-->get on all fours; bloody show, nausea, vomit common

3.transitional: cervix open 8-10cm, contractions 60-90 secs apart, each contraction lasts 60-90 secs; 1-2 hrs; urge to push blow it away-->don't push too soon-->will wreck cervix; rectal pressure often a sign

2, baby born
10cm, start to push
1-2 hrs
pain eases up a lil
1min push, 3-5min break
poss episiotomy

doc checks baby-- apgar evaluation [0-10; 2#s]
5.response reflect

1. erthythromycin ointment in eye, state law
2. id
3. footprint
4. vit k

3. placenta comes out-->want out intact; check blood type

imprint in first 2 hrs-->breastfeed

perineal massage

-don't start until at least 4cm

demerol - narcotic, iv--immediate; raises pain threshold, takes edge off, doesn't take pain away; puts some asleep; not before 4cm, not after 8cm, passes placenta; sometimes causes nausea

epidural - continuous regional anaesthetic, pro: no pain, doesn't pass thru placenta, can be used in c-section; cons: can't push, walk, pee; bp drop, babys hr goes down; hot spot, 1/2; shakes; better @5+cm-->in active labor

walking epidural - narcotic no anaesthetic, can push, walk, pee

general anaesthia

pitocin- induce labor; reason:overdue, big baby, epidural, stalled labor; ~12hrs



Monday, January 9, 2012

I See You Camera

So peaceful.

And so not-sleeping slash totally aware of the camera..

Friday, January 6, 2012

An Education with Jacques and Julia

I come downstairs after my shower and find Mom and M watching Jacques Pepin and Julia Child preparing some meat dish.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Night is Revenge :>

Revenge is our [only] TV show we are following. It's funny, actually, it premiered when I was in labor :>

Anywho, M loves watching TV in bed with us, as do we with her.

And for a three-month old, she's very mature. She really does watch with us!

Outfit of the Day - Candy Stripes

Love this face. M's mouth is saying: I've had enough milk for now. My mouth is closed, as are my eyes. Please Do Not Disturb Thank You.

Later in the day.. Caught! Hand2Hand.. with a look of such innocence..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Animal Lover

So much so, she even makes out with Shamu.

M Holds Her Head Up High!

In our exercise sessions, we've been working on trying to get M more used to being on her stomach in efforts to prep her for crawling. Well, rolling over, then crawling. Her head has made it up 90deg on her stomach and Mom and I are absolutely thrilled. It's quite a spectacular sight, really.

This is what happens when we're on our stomach too long... aw, Babe, darn sphincter..

She's a tough cookie.. our session continues..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Cheetah-Print PJs

I should start a series of photos in her crib... The crib is shrinking.. *wink*
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