Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Return To The Puh-Park, Fear Of The Slide

Parenthood is when you put the needs, wants, and best interests of someone else before your own. 24/7. For life.

Today was an example. I have to be honest here... I am not a fan of the park. I just see and anticipate so much danger. Falling, at one point in my life, may have been my number one fear and it's come back to haunt me. Ok, that admittedly sounds dramatic but so is the potential of your kid breaking an arm, falling on their head, or getting whacked by a swinger. Yikes! Why can't they make jungle gyms under 5 feet?

Suppressing this fear in hopes it won't show toward my kid and despite wanting to actually go for a walk to squeeze in some possible 'exercise' after work, I decided to take Nui Nui to the park. There really wasn't any reason not to. It's summer, after all, and the warm days where I am are slim picking. She didn't want to go for a walk.

Specifically, she wanted 'Wheeeee'. She wanted 'puh-park'. It was a beautiful day. The slide was dry. Unfortunate thing is, though, Nui Nui was afraid to go down the big slide. I must've not bit my tongue down hard enough. But, Nui Nui went to bed without anything broken. Nevertheless it was a good decision. And time.

Here's a glimpse of what it looked like.

What are you afraid of? And how do you overcome your fear(s)? Share below or tweet me, I'd love to hear! :>

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