Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Day Back At School In The New Year!

Nui Nui was so excited to go back to school and, honestly, I don't blame her. I/we were homebound for much of my sick holiday existence but she's a real trooper, really loving, caring, and patient. I'm lucky, I know. 'Jewel' is what we refer to her as.

Here's what her teachers had to report:

Happy Monday, Welcome back, and Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing break! We settled back in with our normal routine. This week we will be talking about winter. For circle time today we went around and talked about what everyone did over the break. Responses will be at the end. It sounds like everyone had a nice time. We also read the book "A snowman named just Bob." We talked about friendship and how it's been cold lately. We also talked about how snow melts just like ice. We played a game and built snowman or snow girls. We turned two of our friends into snow girls while our other friends helped build them :) it was so fun! For art we practiced using scissors, and we made snow flakes. Our yoga move was "the cobra" and we practiced counting to 50. We enjoyed a variety of different activities both indoors and outdoors including Legos, magnetic blocks, and cars. It is getting colder so please make sure your child has appropriate clothing and a jacket to keep them warm! Share day this week is simple, to bring something that you use in the winter. We are so glad to have everyone back!

Here's what Nui Nui said about her holiday: 'I took the Christmas tree off.'

I asked her what she meant by that. What she was trying to say is that it's time to take the decorations off the tree (although I secretly want to keep it up until the weather gets warmer and the days longer :>). I just think the xmas lights bring some warmth and magic inside.

You know, every time we come in when it's dark, Nui Nui gets excited and without fail tells me to close my eyes. By hand, she then leads me to the tree. We jump and shout 'I love it!' after I open my eyes. Really, when do you get to do that?? I'm really bummed I missed the holidays... xo

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