Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making Her Way To Sleep

Today I noticed something very cool that M does. After feeding, I hold her upright— corps-a-corps— to let the milk settle and in case there's any leftover gas that needs coming up— avoiding spit up is key to putting baby to a good sleep. When I do so, her head tends to lay horizontal despite her body being vertical. It looks like she wants to lay down and might be uncomfortable but so is not the case. There is a process to falling asleep.

As she lays there— upright against my body— her eyes waiver open and closed. In this first stage of falling asleep, when her eyes are drearily open, she gets to look up at momma. Next step is for her to inch her head up about 45 degrees. She does this on her own accord. For a newborn, I think this girl's got pretty hearty neck muscles. She subtly lays at this angle for a bit.

Then, final touchdown, by herself again, she makes her way to my neck— 'she' meaning her face. She snuggles her face into my neck and her breath makes for a warm and cozy spot. This is when and where she actually falls asleep.

This closeness is heaven :>.

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