Monday, November 10, 2014

School Update: GERMS! - November 10, 2014

Nui Nui's teacher said she did really well today. Most notably, they started a class sticker bow chart for collective good behavior and a prize at the end of the week. Nui Nui was on patrol— helping and directing to clean up when it was time. She really wanted to earn that bow :>

Below are what her teachers wrote:
This week we are learning ALL about germs (and the word hygiene)... How they spread, how to stop them, and how to use good hygiene to stop them! For circle today we read "Llama, Llama, home with momma". We talked about how Llama's mom got sick because Llama didn't cover his cough or sneeze! We also talked about how resting at home is the most important thing when you are sick so you can get better faster! After we then did an activity to show how quickly germs can spread if we don't use good hygiene (ways to stop germs!), like covering our cough or sneeze with an elbow or tissue! Using a spray bottle of water teacher Lizzie "sneezed" on a friend's hand and got "germs" (we used black glitter for the germs) on my friend's hand. We then took turns shaking hands after "sneezing" into our hands (spray bottle) and noticed how at the end the WHOLE class had germs!!!! (Black glitter) oh no! this is why it's SO important to cover your cough and sneezes with your elbow or tissue and not your hand (or worse nothing at all!!) we then shared ways we use to stop germs!

How we stop germs in b3... :)
"Cover our mouths and get a tissue"
"Wash our hands with soap"
"Take a bath"
"Wash our dirty clothes"
"If we touch something yucky wash it off"
"Eat veggies"
"Drink from your own water bottle not a friends"

we then went to centers and art! For art we did "find the germs". Germs are everywhere even though we can't see them - that's why we must always use good hygiene to stop them!! Using a white crayon on white paper T Lizzie drew germs for us to find with "soap!" (Aka watercolor paints!) We also enjoyed math pegs, penguins, magnet blocks, trains for centers and outdoor free play :)

PS Did you notice our new reward system? It's on the wall next to the ABCs! each day we have the chance to earn a "dog bone" for 4 different things! 1)Nice behavior at circle - sitting nice and quiet hands, 2)walking feet to and from the classroom and inside the classroom, 3)cleaning up, and 4)nice behavior at lunch - please and thank you and quiet hands! Once we earn so many dog bones in a week (this week is 15) we get a special surprise!! Some weeks we will reach our goal and sometimes we won't (and that's ok!! We can always try next week!!)

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