Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Soccer Class!

As a working mom, it's hard, sometimes (or maybe a lot of the time), to find time to fit in extra curricular activities into both of our schedules. But now that it is summer, in transition of schools and Nui Nui a little older, I finally have the opportunity to spend more time with her and introduce her to new activities she hasn't yet had a chance to experience. I am so thankful for this chance to spend time together and expose her to these new, enriching things.

It was so fun to watch Nui Nui in her first soccer class. I was very impressed with her ability to dribble the ball, despite my never having played with her, and surprised she loves it even more than ballet, which I thought she was really enjoying. From what she says, I apparently talk to Nui Nui about getting 'exercise' and 'fresh air', and the joys of being outside more than I realized.

As these summer classes end, I will have to think harder and put more effort in trying to sign her up for more extra-curricular activities like these. Her excitement about these new activities is something I feel I should seize and foster, as time and money allow, as they can be vital for her development.

Such fun memories. My baby is growing up so fast :> xo

In case you missed the video of her first soccer class, check it out here on this blog! xo

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