Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer 2015 Street Fair! [VIDEO]

When I was living in NYC, summer's were filled with street fairs— ones that stretched for several blocks nearly every week— and I used to go to them all the time. Here in the 'burbs, street fairs are few and far between. Here, they call them 'art & wine festivals' (schmancy) but at least they have rides and amusement themed games for the kids.

I remember taking Nui Nui to this one last year but don't have particular fond memories of the outing. To my surprise, this year was different. Nui Nui was old enough (and eager!) to go on the rides and play the games. We ended up unexpectedly spending 4 hours there. Rides/games, walking around, eating, chit-chatting, and even watching a puppet show. The weather was gorgeous and we had such a good time.

I'll remember this day fondly and look forward to more of these adventures to come. With Nui Nui growing up and older, there's just so much more excitement and of the world to explore and experience together :> xo

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