Sunday, May 15, 2016

Return-To-Work Mama [MOMLIFE]

I'll be a return-to-work mama this week and this is my look in anticipation of my newly minted status: a combination of excitement and nervousness. 

I was sharing these sentiments when all of sudden, from the other room, my toddler yells back: Why are you nervous? 

The things they hear and pick up on. smh. :>

There's always some level of uneasiness when you start something new, like a new job, isn't there? And it's particularly tough when you've been away for a while to have and/or care for your family.

I have an incredible amount of love and support for moms trying to get back into the workforce, and would like to see more opportunity and resources for this population. Because it's not that we don't care about career growth and making great contributions, but there are times when we're needed more critically at home. 

I'm excited to put my ideas and skills to work for the greater good-- heck, guys, working hard for this moment to say it in a post!-- but (initially) just a tad nervous about all the change that's about to come. Without change, though, there would be no butterflies. xo

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