Friday, September 7, 2012

Star Light, Star Bright

I asked Nui Nui if she wanted to go for a walk. Around the house was what I had in mind but the shorty savant took advantage of the offer and plopped her little self down in front of the front door. See, in our house, we don't wear shoes and Nui Nui has learned she must put on her shoes before going out and take them off when she gets back home. We do this Mr. Rogers shoe-changing near the front door, warranting the tag, #babiesareamazing. Is she still a baby is arguable but, to me, she'll always be my baby baby.

Anywho, out she wanted so out we went. It's both of our favorite thing to do midday anyway— go outside, breathe fresh air, soak in a little direct warmth from the sun, and stroll around Nui Nui's latest fascination, the courtyard fountain. And what's not fascinating about fountains, really? They're ornate, they crackle with the sound of spewing water, and, well, spewing water.. interesting! To my daughter at least.

So we strolled and, as we did, Nui Nui took the opportunity to demonstrate her skill and confidence by walking on the cobbled concrete, outside, by herself. We had practiced the night before in the hallway and she did stellar— keeping parallel to the carpet trim running along the wall andmaking sure not to get near the wall. And despite my nervousness, she did fantastic. O the unevenness of outside ground!

Here's a quiet moment of our time together. She's can get pretty pensive at times, which bears a little too much resemblance to her mom, but seconds later, no worries, she's back at it, vibrant as can be.

[ps. The sun is a star, I didn't make that up :>]

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