Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Devil Wears Flowers (and Ballet Flats) :>

Swimming then Halloween costume shopping :>

I've already started contemplating Halloween and Nui Nui's potential costume. I'm always so idle about these things, dally, then never end up doing anything. But I really want to give her the experience of the festivities. Still, though, I am unwilling to pay for an over-priced article she will wear for but a few hours. So instead, I've schemed up a compromise. I will dress her as some type of character but in threads that she can wear on 'regular' days as well.

We had a pretty devilishly good time at this store. What was fun was watching Nui Nui run after the boys. They're always boys and always much older than her. Well, not much much absolutely but nearly 3-4x, relatively :> I really need to get her signed up for some type of class where she can get more kid-face-time...

Love this kid! She's got the best teethy smile and smirking more and more :>

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