Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nui Nui's First Movie! :>

Bam! What an awesome way to end the weekend and refresh for the coming week.

This weekend was jam packed and, though I did a lot, I'm actually feeling pretty wired/wide-awake for it being 11:32pm... :>

Today, Nui Nui went to her first movie in an actual movie theater. We saw The Croods. It was a Century Theater, which made me a little nervous, but it was a really nice theater and everyone left happy and safe so it was a good trip :>

Nui Nui hoarded the popcorn. [Thank you, A, if you're reading this! ...for the better-than-momma's-breakfast breakast :>]. The popcorn held Nui Nui down for a little bit but then she was up. The funniest part was her discovery of movie theater seats. As she was trying to get up, the seat moved up and she was kind of confused about what was going on. Somehow, she managed to get out of her seat. She climbed with the boys and then for the rest of the movie practiced stair climbing and descending. She's actually getting pretty good at it and I'm very impressed with how active she is but she loves it— total nonstop :>

After the movie, we played near/in a fountain— Nui Nui was soaked after. Then we went to Target because, really, why not? :> I didn't end up getting anything I set out for, which was overnight diapers [because they were too expensive] and an umbrella stroller [because I wasn't impressed with them despite their decent temporary price cut].

By then I was hungry and we picked up Mom for a late lunch, dropped Mom back off home, and went back for some more play [and climbing] with the boys. I then jetted for my last free class of hot yoga. It went well. My balance is coming back and is my flexibility but now that affordable classes are kaput, I'll have to find ways to actually get my heart up, aside from the reckless drivers I commute with everyday.

Phew. It was a gud, no, great weekend. I don't know why I'm in such a good mood but when you are, I guess, best not ask, don't take it for granted, and enjoy it while it lasts :>

Some highlights of the day...

Full album!

I saw some pretty cool movie posters in the theater... See any good flicks lately? Share below, we'd love to hear the hits and misses! :> :>

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