Tuesday, April 23, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast... Freakishly Hot, Time At The Puh-Park :>

Mondays should be called Miss Your Kid(s) Day. We had such a good time this weekend, yesterday especially, that I decided to take advantage of this freakishly hot weather we had today and race back home to take Nui Nui to the puh-park. I called Mom when I got off work and she said she was sleeping but Nui Nui was aroused perhaps by Mom talking and the second she heard 'park', she was up and at 'em, rearing to go :>

As always, she had a good time and is getting so strong. It's crazy to see her climbing and running so fast everywhere. I was thinking about the first time I brought her there. I think it was on one of her birthdays. She was an itty bitty, warbly, and weak. Now, she's walking up the stairs with one hand, running across the slated bridge, and sliding down the swirly slide all by herself. I know, I must sound mom-ridiculous but that's ok, I'm enjoying every minute of it :>

Later in the evening and other ways Nui Nui has matured... When dinner is set on the table, being hungry, her reaction is 'Wooooow' :> I don't have to freak out as much when she's drinking out of a cup. She just loves those chocolate swirl wafers and knows how to grin and request them :> She knows how to play hide-n-seek— when she couldn't find me I yelled achoo and she ran to my mom and said 'Momma achoo' :> She said 'love you, momma' at bedtime... :> ...I am grateful.

Thank you so much for reading :> And enjoy the show :> :>

How did you take advantage of this beautiful fine day? Share below, we'd love to hear! :> :>

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