Thursday, April 4, 2013

Soaked But Carb-Happy! :>

Catching up from the end of last weekend... I took the warriors to the city on Easter Sunday. I can't believe places (shops) are closed on Easter. Mom said she understood Thanksgiving and Christmas but didn't Easter— Easter's religious. ...gently I reminded Christmas is, or was, too :> So funny.

So I was looking for things to do.. most things I found involved eating brunch. Yeah, ok, I like brunch but it's not a day's activity! Maybe it would have been good to take the opportunity to slow down but I was pumped and having a great weekend and didn't want to let my 3-day weekend go to resting waste! explains my heavy-set deep under-eye circles.

So Easter street fair it was. Rain was in the forecast but we managed to bypass the same forecast on Saturday that I thought luck was in my favor. Epic fail— we walked blocks in downpour sans an umbrella... but at least we got kettle corn and brioche for french toast! :> and only $2 for and entire 1/2 loaf! Needless to say, we left soaked but carb-happy :> :>

And grilled cheese...

Was everything closed on Easter Sunday where you live too? Share below and what you did! :>

1 comment:

  1. Aww what a great day :) So happy you got some yummy kettle corn and brioche bread!! MMM


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