Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ear Muffs Never Looked Cuter!

I broke a record today. Woke up at 9:26am this morning— Nui Nui actually got me to— and got up and out the door in less than 20 minutes to make our 10am swim class only a couple minutes late :>

I was talking to a couple of people at work and it takes them 1 hour to do just their face. There is just not the time (or energy) to do such thing.

Swim was good and it was nice to see another 'school' momma and babe duo there. Makes school feel more homey :>

After that it was things pretty much as usual. I haven't had time, though, to think about videos so didn't film after lunch. We went out as usual a little earlier than.

Nui Nui, though, had some new developments. So unexpected and completely hilarious. Her language is getting just so good— how fast she learns. She identified Elmo *by name* when neither I nor my mom taught her. My mom suspects she learned who he is via a video but she identified him on an alphabet foam piece we have of him. Crazy!

Later, she was trying to feed my mom some of her snack and as she put her hand up to my mom's mouth, she said, 'Ummmmm mmmm'. Hilarious!

They're like sponges. Expose and do and say in front of them, and they shall copy.

In other developments, Nui Nui somehow knows and has started to hunch and smirk and look as devious as can be. She lifts her shoulders sometimes when she runs and ducks her head down like a bull. I remember sitting a 3-year-old who did the same thing. It's funny to see Nui Nui doing the same.

While in a store, my mom told Nui Nui to show me something. I turned around to see Nui Nui with a huge, wide-mouthed, teethy smile, knowing I'd love what I was about to see. Ear muffs never had something so good in between :>

We had a great day, full of smiles and laughing. Love my warriors! :> :>

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