Saturday, November 10, 2012

M's First Battle With A Nasty Virus

M is amazing. By the end of her first day of taking cherry red liquid tylenol, she willingly opened her mouth and swallowed without resistance. What the heck?? (in a very very non-complaining way). I said it already but this girl is amazing. Grandma describes her as very mature and I couldn't agree more.

One of the hardest things about being a parent is watching your kid cry when they want you but you have to go. Another is watching your kid not feeling well. Despite M battling a nasty virus, she still managed to smile her beautiful teethy, squinty-eye smile— the kind of smile that lights the whole room up.

Today I took her up and down the escalator at Barnes. We went up and down for three rounds. She definitely wanted to take more rides but I had to pull her away as it was time to go. This wasn't the first time M has gone on an escalator— she's gone one time once before— but she's fascinated with it. And I'll have to admit, she's pretty darn good at getting on and off. Of us both, I was definitely more 'scared' than she was.

Rewind: M was not feeling well Thursday night. I had taken her out with me for dinner with friends. She didn't eat anything during dinner and even took a nap in my arms while we were there— not the norm. She didn't drink any milk and barely drank any when we got home. Needless to say, she did not sleep well that night. In fact, she was waking every 1-2 hours and slept in my bed with me. She was hot, feverish. I was worried. And very tired.

She kept tossing and turning and when she did wake up she was screaming her head off. Enough such that it got Grandma out of bed. At one point during the night she slept on top of me for one round. At another, I woke up and didn't see her. I was startled, thinking: where is she? did Grandma take her? As my eyes focused more, I found her sleeping sitting up, slightly reclined against the pillow I have upright against the wall. Despite my tiredness, I thought it was funny. How did she get up there? Was she comfortable? I mean, she must have been, else she would not have put herself there and fallen back asleep.

This intermittent sleep reminded me of the early breast-feeding nights and zombie days yet somehow I made it to work on time.

I decided to take Nui Nui to the doctor on Friday, concerned namely because she wasn't eating/drinking much. Turns out, Nui Nui has a pretty serious virus. I mean, the doctor said about 97% of the population has it but still. It looked bad to me. And the annoying thing about viruses are there's no medication for it other than pain relief meds. Aside from oral tylenol he suggested rectal tylenol and oral motrin.

We decided to get the rectal one just in case because Mom didn't have much luck with the liquid version. I'm glad we didn't need to resort to it. Something about it seems, well, violating.

I'm not happy she doesn't feel well but realize this is to be expected. There's a lifetime of sick episodes ahead... bah! I hate being sick!

Love my kid! To pieces!!

I make it a point to always have some visual but, to be honest, I wasn't up to taking pics today. She wasn't feeling it. I wasn't feeling it. I did, though, update my cell phone front and main screen with her beautiful face. Until I figure out how to download that for free (if possible), it'll be just text for now. Writing for memory.

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