Sunday, November 11, 2012

M's Lookbook: Feeling Better In A Fluffy White Vest

Nui Nui was definitely feeling much better than yesterday— not feverish— though her throat was still hurting her at time. She took Tylenol at breakfast, lunch, and before she went to bed. She also took a really long nap in the afternoon. I'm guessing about 3 hours.

I gave her a bath in the morning and dressed her in some of her new clothes— she's seriously outgrowing her regulars (which isn't a surprise— they are 9-12 months.. admittedly :>) It's so funny the way kids clothes work. You think they are tiny to begin with but you end up using them past the sized age. You also think you don't like something at first but after seeing them in it so many times, you begin to love it. Kids have that magical power of making everything beautiful :>

Check out the complete PHOTO SHOOT for more pics! :>

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