Saturday, November 3, 2012

OOTD Lace Dress By H&M

It didn't feel like fall last weekend. We went down to Palo Alto and hit some gorgeous weather. This is what I expect California weather to be like. We had lots of fun :>

Nui Nui and her excellent kid-dar even spotted another kid and waved hello. Very proud of her :>

This dress is by H&M and I love it. I love the cut— very flattering&mdash and I love how the sleeves are 3/4 length, which makes it perfect for fall. If that day had been cooler, I would've worn this with my burgandy fake leather jacket. [My leather jacket collection and this dress can also be seen in my I ♡ Fall TAG video :>]

On my lips, I'm wearing NARS' Honolulu Honey, which I found out about via Jenn from clothesencounters and which I also mention in the I ♡ Fall TAG video I mentioned above. I love the color and satin finish but don't own the lipstick myself— unfortunately, not within my budget. I guess that makes me on the hunt for its dupe :> Comment below if you know of one! :> Enjoy and, as always, thanks for watching!

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