Sunday, May 5, 2013

Strawberry-Picking Adventure!

We went strawberry picking today down in Watsonville, which I believe is home to Driscoll's, the best strawberries on the market. It was a beautiful sunny day. Upper 80s up in the Bay and just slightly cooler down south and perfect under the sun.

We took about 1.5 hours to get to the fields and met a few of our friends from school. These last few weeks have been something I ache about not posting more often. It'd be nice not to have to mention it but neglectful if I ignored it too. Apologies, dear readers, you are dearly missed.

I've started an Instagram as an additional means to connect. Please come with me on a momstagram adventure full of smiles, friends, laughs, inspiration, and adventure! @mdesenna

Here's a peek!

Nui Nui continues to grow and develop and amaze us every day. Her latest feat is counting to 20, saying short phrases of 2-3 words, and speaking better Cantonese than me :> Update to come!!

I was so proud of Nui Nui today. The strawberry field was laid out with alternating rows of plants and ditches. I, being the ya ya I am, wore flips flops. #dumdum. But, luckily, Nui Nui was totally independent, walking through the ditch herself and even carrying the basket. What. A. Kid! seriously. My daughter, she grounds me :>

After the picking, we went to pick up pies! Apparently, I was over-excited but what's not to love about pie? The pies were made on site fresh and came in a variety of fruits. I bought two :> A classic Apple Pie with skyhigh top (something like 4 inches!) and a Peach Olallie Pie, olallie being some type of blackberry or relative of. We waited around 20 minutes for that one to come out fresh from the oven :>. It was a long ride. These pies made it worth it :> :>#imridic

Here's the slideshow of the day!

What did you on this lovely start of the summer season day? Share below, we miss you and would love to hear!! :> :>

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