Monday, May 27, 2013

Passport Photo Shoot! :>

We're planning a trip to Hong Kong for my uncle's 70th birthday. It's kind of a big deal— his birthday and the trip. Fourteen hours. I'm trying to wrap my head around it and imagine what it'll be like— each way.

In the midst of planning, flights and hotel aside, are getting Nui Nui a passport and seeing if she'll need any shots, what her insurance covers overseas, and what the latest is on the virus going around HK, which is really scary to think about. Nevertheless, I'm excited to bring her there and meet my uncle. I myself haven't been back for ages.

Morning's tend to be the easiest as Nui Nui is the most mellow. It's a main reason why I give her showers in the morning on weekends (so much easier). I took today as an opportunity to take her passport photos headshots. I tried once before when I got back from work and, well, I had to take them again. It's too hard to get them to sit still, facing and looking into the camera for the shot you want.

So if you're looking to do this, then I definitely recommend trying it first thing in the morning. They've had enough rest and should be content as a bee (...unless they wake up ravenously hungry, in which case I recommend pushing it back until after a little bit of breakfast). As with all photoshoots, I also recommend doing it during the day, near a window, as nothing beats natural lighting.

You can tell by the end result, I had to do some photoshop nonetheless— because I don't listen to my own advice (today was cloudy) but take this as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes :> I used 6"x4" photo paper so pared her head down to fit in a 2"x2" (less than 1 3/8", as directed) and fit 5 more heads on the sheet. I printed it to the highest quality possible with what I had.

I'm happy with the results and loved how the whole shoot turned out. We have lots of fun, which is easy because she is :>

Check out the raw shoot:

When's the last time you got headshots/passport photos? How was your experience and did you like your final pic? Share below, we'd love to hear! :>

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