Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How To Cook Bok Choy! :>

I posted a pic on Facebook via Instagram and a friend asked: How do you cook the bok choy? Looks yummy!

This is what I wrote:
Heat some oil in a pan. If you want to give it even more flavor, add some sliced garlic and let it infuse a little-- but not brown-- throw in the bok choy, toss a little, cover. Let it cook via the heat from the bottom and steam through the top. After the steam condenses on the lid and before it starts to brown, mix it a little. Add a little water to give it some steam-room so it'll soften and prevent it from getting brown (ahem, burning) on bottom-- veggies have sugars too :> Cover. Pierce with a fork til it's the tenderness you want. Todds like soft.

This is the pic/post: Electrifying greens. Broccoli, Shanghainese bok choy, @costco roast chicken, rice. #dinner #semihomemade #nom #nutrition

I cooked tonight, well, partially anyway because Mom had her cataract surgery done to her left eye. It went well, which was such a relief and she was even up and about a little. Clearly, she is warrior, stronger than me. When I got Lasik I was completely out same day and sort of out the following days after. Perhaps it was a different procedure but still...

So I was thinking all day about what I should cook for dinner and thought I would do a mac-n-cheese— a real one, homemade sauce and everything. But it was the thought that counts.. I didn't have time to look up a recipe but I went to Trader Joe's anyway, after I picked Nui Nui up from school. I was thinking pasta and chicken or chicken and rice, and then some veggie like broccoli or zucchini. Turned out they bought Costco chicken instead, keeping the broccoli and adding bok choy. It was ok, I guess, aside from the crazy salty chicken. It's what you get when you put a little less effort in. Still, I was exhausted as heck after dinner.

The thing, though, is that cooking is actually really relaxing... if you don't have to wake up at six in the morning. I really shouldn't complain and I'm actually not.. but I think the hardest thing about being a mom is not the physical labor or the crying but the fact that you never have enough time. I mean, on one hand, I prefer it to be that way— it means your busy and busy is good. Well, it can be. On the other hand, there's this lingering sense that you could do more but you really can't. Sleep and rest isn't optional.. though the wee hours of the night are very seductive... and quiet. Anyway, that was off on a tangent. What I meant to say was... I realized, hey, wait a minute, I actually know how to cook and I used to do it— often— but don't do it as much. I'm not really that hung up about it but there are things that I really would love to do more of but really just. do. not. have. the. time. Sigh. As long as she's happy, that's all I really really care about :>

Look! The Sticker Lady! :>

What veggies do you like to cook? Share below, we'd love to hear! :>

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