Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Potty Training Diaries - First Attempt At Training Pants

I have so many posts I've been meaning to write this week. *sigh* //endcompaint :>

In summary, the major development this week is that we've been starting actual training pants with Nui Nui. Mom tried on Monday during the day and it was a disaster. She found a trail of wet and eventually found a puddle in my closet. Immediately, it was back to diapers. On Tuesday evening, however, I pulled out the training pants after our shower per Nui Nui's request. I think she likes it, to be honest. They probably are a lot more comfortable than diapers.

So I put them on after our shower. Took her to the bathroom before dinner (one hour later), her pants were dry, and she went— sticker! After dinner (one hour later), same thing— sticker! Before bed, same thing— sticker! But then diaper for over night. This happened Tuesday and Wednesday night. I was thinking, ok, I have this... I'll start her just at night and work my way throughout the day.

Tonight was a different story. It was the same up to the point of after dinner. She did earn a sticker after dinner but between that time and getting ready for bed, she just couldn't hold it, I guess. We were in the kitchen and all of a sudden Mom and I look down and Nui Nui is standing there with a stream coming down. Seriously, it looked as if she wasn't wearing pants, it was that fast. I immediately picked her up and told her to stop and ran her to the bathroom. I put her on the pot and she continued to do her duty. It was diaper thereafter.

Back to square one. Back to the drawing board. Honestly, though, my kid's poo and pee doesn't really bother me that much anymore. From the day they are born, day in and day out, it's constant and continual. Five, 10, however many times a day. And they're your kid. Whatever they produce is golden, right?

So anyway. I guess we'll try tomorrow. :>

Tips on potty training a toddler? Share below or Tweet me, we'd love to hear! :> :>

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