Sunday, July 14, 2013

Target, Forever 21, Lego Store Haul! :>

We went shopping! (surprise, surprise) :>

Below is our haul video and close-up pics of some of the things we bought.

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Some item close-ups!

I started taking out select pieces of the Lego cup I bought Nui Nui but then she ended up dumping out the whole cup. There was really no reason for me NOT to let her play with them all. a) One cup, even large!, doesn't really hold many pieces; b) She gets it. She know what to do with them and is a curious explorer. Who am I to take that away from her? :> Plus, I think she's responsible enough not to eat them :>

Large cup of Legos and Lego base sheet - $14.99 + $4.99

The Leaf Ring from Forever 21 - $3.80
(The Dry-Erase Board from Target! - $1)

The Simple Silver Arc Necklace from Forever 21 - $3.80

The Ring-Bracelet from Forever 21 - $2.80

Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in White On from Target - $2.89
(The Lego Base Board from the Lego Store - $4.99)

I forgot to film and take pics, but we also bought Nui Nui four pairs of training pants from JCPenney. Mom got her regular underwear too because she couldn't resist how cute they were :> I'll try to post a pick if I get a chance. They were ultra-cheap, something on the order of $7.50 for 4 pairs of training pants, and $7.50 for 8 pairs of undies?

Clearly, we like to shop. My excuse, however, is that I like to walk (ahem, 'be active'— o so healthy! :>) and look at things while I do it... We just get tempted into buying the things we see. In our defense, though, we purchase within reason. Don't we? :>

What did you do on this fine weekend? Share below or Instagram/Tweet us a pic, we'd love to see and hear! :>

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