Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Think I Can :>

So I bought Nui Nui 'The Little Engine That Could' this weekend and we've been reading it all week— she loves Thomas and Friends, so this is totally up her alley.

I didn't remember the whole story myself, just that the engine said 'I think I can' and accomplished a feat he didn't think he could by saying that and being encouraged by his cargo.

This version, (because there are versionS), however, tells it that the engine is actually female and before her, there were others who came by but were just not willing to help, adding a moral to the story that it's good to help. [Side note but thought I'd mention that because you know I love that stuff]. Anyway...

So, I read books to Nui Nui in certain ways (voices, tone, etc.) in efforts to animate them and make it memorable and interesting. So the 'I think I can' is especially noteworthy, as is the part about the 'they no help'.

Nui Nui gets really eager about sharing what she learned this week that every time we finish reading, she wants to tell Pau Pau before being tucked in.

I let her go run to Pau Pau, not saying anything, allowing the two to communicate independently (I want to see how clearly Nui Nui speaks and if Pau Pau can understand). The first time when Nui Nui told her 'I think I can', Pau Pau's reaction was, 'You dink a can?' #hilarious!

Tonight, after Nui Nui told her again (and again she heard 'dink a can') and was put to sleep, Mom asked me:

'What is this joke about 'I think I can'? She wants to be able to do everything?'

Mom doesn't know the story and this situation is absolutely hilarious. One, going forward, Nui Nui will be learning new things and sharing them with us, some of which we do not know and will have to teach us. Two, the language development process can be frustrating at times, when we don't understand her though she's trying really hard and is also loads of laughs when one of us do but the other doesn't.

If you have kids, do you understand everything s/he tells you?

Share in the Comments below the things you don't understand. If you don't have kids, share something funny because we love a good laugh! :> xoxo

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