Sunday, January 5, 2014

Latest Updates-- Scared!-- And Our Day In Photos

Latest developments...
  • We go out diaper-free now, resorting to them only sometimes during naps.
  • Night-time is difficult, as she's learned to say she needs to go to the bathroom if she can't sleep because she knows I'll likely take her. What's a mom to do? If I tell her she can't go to the bathroom when she asks (asking is a huge part of the learning battle) then what am I teaching?
  • I went out to dinner with Nui Nui last night, just the two of us. It was really nice. I think I can start going out with her now as if she were an adult :> Her sitting skills are very much improving. It makes a huge difference, given the social dynamic, too, I think. I'll need to do more dinner dates with her :>
  • As of today, Nui Nui knows fear. Today, in Barnes, she saw a little boy in a Darth Vader mask and she looked at him with concern and caution, speechless and pointing at him, as she neared closer to me. I asked her what was wrong and asked if it was the boy. I assured her it was just a little boy wearing a Darth Vader mask. She wasn't buying it. Finally, he took off the mask and saw it was a boy. She felt a little relieved and even more so when he left.
  • Another fearful, scared incident— second time today! Tonight, as we were brushing teeth, she thought she spotted a mouse in the bedroom. She was scared. She said she was scared. I used the mouse to help get her to brush her teeth and wash her face. After getting cleaned up, I told her the mouse was gone and explained the importance of washing up and brushing teeth— to fend off the hungry mice. She asked repeatedly, needing assurance that they were gone.
  • Got a new book today: The Little Engine That Could. On sale: $3.87, hardcover :> We read that tonight. It held her attention and she was decently interested. She needs a little work on the listening vs. asking questions part but at least she's engaged :>
  • It was 67-70degF today. Absolutely gorgeous, sans a drop of wind. We walked outside today without our jackets. This partially reaffirms our move out west :>

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