Friday, May 2, 2014

School Update: Star Of The Week! :> - April 28-May2, 2014

Nui Nui was named 'Star Of The Week' today! One child is chosen every week and it's been a while since Nui Nui has earned the title (or the rotation has landed on her :>). Fun. Love that kind of stuff. She's just growing up so fast and you can tell by how mature she looks :> Must be the haircut.

Funny conversation when we got home from dinner tonight:
Nui Nui: I need help getting The Giving Tree.
Me: No, you can get it, it's in your room.
Nui Nui: I can't. I can't find it. It's too dark.
Me: O, is the light off? O babe, why are you not tall enough to reach the light?
Nui Nui [sighs]: Because I am too little.


There was a cool conversation we had a couple of weeks ago and I meant to record it but didn't have time. Looks like we're entering this fun new phase of cool conversations. Love it :> The conversation took twists and turns but the heart of it was this:

Nui Nui: What does Auntie Anna do?
Me: I don't know. What does Pau Pau do?
Nui Nui [in plain earnest]: She works very hard.


Anyway, here are school pics from this week, ending with our tgif dinner out— we tried a new sushi/ramen place :> What's funny is that, despite being the Star Of The Week, she has been stickered with a scarlet letter on the very day of being named.

Letter to mom: 'Bring in a damn picture of you two already for a secret project we're working on!'

(After working two weeks straight... tgif!)

Salmon, tuna, avocado, 'special topping'...
Bento - beef short ribs, chicken teriyaki
Note to self: Get her some russian dolls :>

Who's YOUR star of the week?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear!

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