Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bank Of America OOTD & Spiderman Puzzle!

It reached 96-99degF today. It waa pretty warm/hot— 'good thing' it's dry here (not great for the skin/hydration but makes near triple-digits tolerable.

I took the opportunity to dress Nui Nui in a tank top when she got home. She's pretty reluctant to wear new things (though this wasn't new, she hasn't worn this since last year). I easily convinced her, though, because we were going to be 'Team Bank Of America'. For pajamas, I wear this 2006 July 4th tank top from Old Navy, with an american flag on it, all the time. And whenever Nui Nui sees the american flag, she says Bank Of America— well-branded.

Her 'pants' are sheer perfection. She refuses to wear short but agreed to wear these now-capris. They're actually 12M pants from a Carter's set that was one of my favorite when she was little because the material is just so soft. Works perfect for loose fitting bike shorts :> (ootd=outfit of the day)

Mom got her a gift (a rare treat) today from the dollar store— a 40-piece Spiderman puzzle. She loves puzzles and I let her stay up later than usual just to be able to spend a little more time with her and do it. Our commute is a bit longer these days and it really does eat away at our time (outside of the car) together.

I realize after all these pics that I should have been filming vs. taking pics but, sigh, oh well. If you aren't interested in scrolling through them all, skip to the last couple— they're some of my favorite :>

What were the temps where you live?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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