Thursday, October 17, 2013

Daily Genius - Speech & Photo Requirements Just Like Mom

I was trying to explain to Nui Nui that Mom has finally landed in HK. She can only understand airplane and flying in the sky, so still thinks that's where she is— Mom says the flight was long but I'm trying to explain to Nui Nui that it wasn't that long :> We need a map :>

Mom then sent us this pic from their hotel.

I showed it to Nui Nui and she asked,

Nui Nui: O, Pau Pau there?
Me: Yes, that's where Pau Pau is. In 香港.
Nui Nui: (pause) Where Pau Pau?... It's dark.

I told Mom to take another pic with herself in it and make sure it had better lighting :> #likemotherlikedaughter when it comes to photo requirements :>

And that is not the only way. Nui Nui is getting more and more genius daily.

At bedtime, tonight, she asked each of her animal friends (she has four) if they either needed to pee or have his diaper changed. None of them did.

Nui Nui: Charlie, need to pee? No? Ok good. Elmo, need change diaper? No, sleeping. George go potty? No. Winnie change your diaper? Winnie change diaper? No? That's fine.

She proceeded to mention each of them again, finally not asking but letting me know that they are all sleeping and she is(/should) too :>

The experience is enlightening when you can actually hear yourself when your child starts learning to talk :> Scary and fun! :>

Did you have or hear any fun conversations lately?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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