Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Weekend Video Chit Chat! (VLOG!)

We had a fun-filled weekend and I successfully accomplished my mission :>

On Friday we had delicious japanese food for a tgif night. My favorite is a combo dinner consisting of ton katsu (deep-fried panko'd port cutlet) and vegetable tempura, accompanied by a salad and miso soup. Nom! What's your favorite menu item when you go out for japanese? >

Saturday and Sunday consisted of the usual walking around, catching up on magazines and other reading, writing, photos, and... this impromptu video! (below) :> We had dinner with the extended fam on Saturday night for a birthday, which is always fun and memorable for Nui Nui. It's crazy, Mom says, how she's starting to really know everyone by name :>

My goal is to post more of these and worry less about the editing. My phone ran out of memory and the conversation was cut short. But I'd rather post these snippets of memories than none at all. :> Enjoy!

How was your weekend?

Share in the Comments below (along with your favorite japanese menu-item :>), we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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