Sunday, October 13, 2013

Playdate With Liana! :>

We had our first playdate with Liana last week! (yes, I'm all backed up after starting a new adventure this past week).

Girls seem hard to come by in our experiences, so Nui Nui was excited and had a great time. She definitely looks up to the older kids especially and can't stop talking about them :>

The girls bounced together in a bounce house and then had lunch together— Nui Nui enjoyed farmer's market fruit and especially enjoyed the humongous grapes (note to self: get her some grapes :>). After refueling, they played in the kitchenette, played a cupcake-building game, and played with the upright sandbox. Then they shared laughs falling (and getting tickled) on the fold-out kiddie-sized love seat.

With all the excitement, Nui Nui only slept about 10-15 minutes on the car-ride out and crashed the second we got back in the car for the ride home. Nui Nui is definitely growing up and holding her own. So fun to see :>

Some favorites of the day...

Liana telling Nui Nui how old she is :>

Check out the full slideshow!

Nui Nui hearts grapes, apparently. What's your or your child's favorite item from the farmer's market?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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