Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fleece-Lined Gold-Metallic Moccasins!

Today felt like both Monday and Friday. Either way, I was really missing my kid. Do you know when you miss your kid and you then want to start buying things for them? Yeah, well, that happens to me and retail scored today :>

These moccasins didn't have 1/2 sizes. The 7 looked like it would just fit and therefore wouldn't last long but the size 8 looked like I was nuts buying my 2yo that sized pair. I went with the 8 because my kid deserves nothing less than 2 sizes up (:> inside joke) and thinking I could put socks on her if they were too big...

Size 8! Size 8?! I can't believe they fit! smh. Nui Nui did seem very long, though, when I was changing her this morning on the table... So Too big so too fast...

Funny how her interest in the shoes lasted a split second (she was willing to put them on) but Legos take up more real estate :> #notcomplaining :>

What do you do when you're apart and missing the love of your life?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :>

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