Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patch And Beach Adventure! :>

We went to a pumpkin patch with our favorite cousins! (last week :>) We even went to a local beach, which I realized, when we unexpectedly arrived, that Nui Nui and I had yet to have gone to one since we moved out west. Funny... yet understandable— I don't think I'm a huge beach person so I'm totally to blame (but the west coast sun where we live is blazing and my face and aging body has started to fear sunspots and burning #lameexcuse #diva #hashtag #yes #thisishowitalk :>).

Joshua and Micah are Nui Nui's favorite cousins (they're the only local ones and only ones she's met :>). This pumpkin patch was different from the last one we visited and Nui Nui had a blast. She got to climb a really tall haystack (#fearless #strength), sit atop a huge Kevin-Bacon-Footloose-sized tractor, play in a hut made of corn husk, ride in a wagon, pick out pumpkins of her very own (#firsts), sip on highly-acclaimed-on-Yelp clam chowder, play at the beach and wade in the ocean for the very first time, draw in the sand, and frolick with and after the boys :>

I am clearly and unabashedly amazed by my daughter's courage and strength. As you can see from the series of pictures below, the haystack was high— over 6-7' tall— and yet the girl kept climbing and climbing and stood at the apex when she reached it. Glory. Useful perspective.

It's one of those times, as a parent, that you (or I anyway) debate the extent to which to let them go or hold them near. Personally, I don't think I would have ever done that — climb so high— at least not as far as I can remember back (which may or probably isn't that far back :>). She's fearless, though. And, in many ways, my goal is to raise her to be as unlike a person as myself as I can in regards to the qualities that I find shortcoming (and there are many).

To the top (and down), she safely went and came back from :>

Applauding herself and the view :>

The corn-husk hut and infectious smiling face :> :>

Playing Kevin Bacon :>

By the slice of her face, you can still see her smile :> (#socool #seatwithaview)

Some of the available pumpkins...

More available pumpkins, of which Nui Nui picked one from :>

The story behind this photo is funny. I chose the red-orange one behind her arm. It was deep in color, smooth, and very symmetrical but Nui Nui wanted the 'bumpy' yellow one with a less attractive shape and scar on its side. In fact, she insisted on it despite my multiple attempts to sway her for the more traditionally 'beautiful' one.

We ended up getting the bumpy pumpkin :> I heart the fact that children don't conform to society's norms and will do as much as I can for her to stay true to herself. Shame on me in trying to sway her! Lesson learned. :>

Family :>

The kids :>

Onto the beach... I took a picture of this and deem it a collaborative piece of art made with Joshua :> (#artwork)

Beach babe :>

My favorite picture of the day :>

Trying to play like the big boys. (Here, unlike the haystack, I actually pulled her away from climbing these :>).

Micah demonstrating what it means to share :>

Us :>

The car ride home :>

How pretty much every playdate ends :>

Check out the full slideshow (as if you haven't seen enough pics yet :>)

How far do you let yourself or your child go?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :>

And share your pumpkin patch pics, we'd love to see them! :> xoxo

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