Saturday, December 7, 2013

Is Parenting A 'Job'?

A friend recently posted this article: Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job

One reactionary comment included this:

I get really PO'ed by folks who preach the gospel of parenthood as if were a job and they are working hard at it: show me your job evaluation! I say until your kids graduates college, or creates some otherwise worthwhile accomplishment, you've little to verify that you're "working" (as opposed to getting by on the minimum of not letting your spawn die).

Normally, I try not to engage in controversial, angry rants on the internet. I think they're unproductive and cause even more anger and hate, which I believe this world could use a lot less of. I do, however, think disagreeing with someone else, as long as it is not an attack, is valid. Hopefully, my response (below) will not be viewed as an attack. If it comes across that way, then my deepest apologies, that was not the intention whatsoever. Hopefully, if you disagree, we can agree to disagree but this hit a little close to home and so I responded...

Wow. I'm sorry but I have to strongly disagree with that statement. Raising a healthy, well-adjusted, educated, mannered, productive human being is not some walk in the woods. You can't just put out some food and expect they will graduate college or create 'some otherwise worthwhile accomplishment'. They're not chia pets. To give you some 'job evaluations' try... being socially-adjusted enough to function in society-- many kids aren't because they're neglected and abused... Try passing every grade up to college-- because not all kids do, many have failed and dropped out because they weren't given the daily support and encouragement by someone who loves/believes/validates them. Try (yourself) teaching another human being every 'basic' thing you know like peeing in the toilet, getting dressed, brushing teeth, taking a shower, holding a spoon, reading, writing... I don't think I'm more compassionate or hard-working than the next ya-ya standing next to me. I do, however, think it DOES take a lot of work to be a parent-- more than if I were single. Lucky for me, though, it's work I love to do so, in that sense, you're right, I'm not working while raising my kid. 'Love what you do and never work another day in your life.'

I want to know what YOU think.

Share your thoughts in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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