Sunday, December 1, 2013

Epic Milestone: Toddler Orders Her First Meal :>

We went to Jack's last night and a couple of notable things happened on our trip.
  1. Nui Nui asked to go to the bathroom on our car ride there. She ended up peeing in her diaper but I think (or hope!) it's a sign or step toward her potty-training endeavors :> Earlier in the day, she did the same twice. The first time, she lasted the whole 30-35 minutes in the car and finding a bathroom, successfully holding it. The second time, successfully held her poop 'til we got home.

  2. Out of no where, Nui Nui ordered her own meal at dinner out. I opened the menu and Nui Nui wanted to look at the menu with me to see what she wanted. She started pointing to things and mumbling. So cute! Then she pointed to Grilled Salmon Salad and said she wanted grilled cheese. Close... :> Mom ordered first but had questions to ask our server. Finally after she let the server know what she wanted, Nui Nui chimed in to request her ultimate dish of choice... :>

For Nui Nui, this is an epic milestone. She was fearless. Typically, she shies away from talking to strangers, which is can be a good thing but has its faults as well. Moreover, she even said Please! A mother's hard work paid off :>

What fun things happened to you this Thanksgiving weekend?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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