Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty Girl In A Pretty Dress With A Pretty Smile Sets The Table And Writes '10'!

Nui Nui has been wanting to take on more responsibility (and I'm all for it) and it first started with the napkins and now she can set the table. She was so proud of herself, as was I :>

While we were hanging outside with our sidewalk chalk, Nui Nui wanted me write the number ten. This was our conversation:
Nui Nui: Momma, write 10! Write a one and a zero! [she showed me a one with her fingers :>]
Me: No, you write me 10.
Nui Nui: No, I don't know how.
Me: Yeah, you do. Write a one and a zero, or an O, together.
Nui Nui: Ok.

...And then she does! This is what it looked like! :>

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