Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Swimming!

This is definitely not the first time Nui Nui has gone *OUTSIDE* to swim this season but is the first time I'm taking pics of the occasion. Though my daily commute is longer, it's times like these that I know we're in the right place. Summer is for swimming outside, isn't it? :>

When I was a kid (and still to this day, to the extent that my schedule allows), I was a hard-core swimmer. I'd swim during the day, eat a hearty dinner (ahem, 20 bbq chicken-wings), then swim at night. Those times were some of my best childhood memories.

When I was pregnant, swimming was my best form of exercise. I'm hoping to share this love of the water with Nui Nui. So far, she loves it :>

What's your favorite summer activity and/or childhood memory? Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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