Friday, June 6, 2014

What To Do With Leftover Chicken!

Open-faced sandwiches! This is probably my favorite thing to do with leftover chicken. It's fast, easy, versatile, and sooper delicious!

Break up or slice thin the chicken. Get some good bread, ideally a boule that, when sliced, has a large surface area.

Choose your toppings, whatever you have on hand or that's simple. That night we did soppressata (higher quality salami), tomatoes, and a shredded cheddar cheese mix we had leftovers from when we made homemade tacos. Some other topping ideas I've done in the past are baby greens, shredded carrots, brie, apples, honey, ricotta, pesto... the list goes on. Find complimentary flavors and just top like a pizza.

I recommend lightly pre-toasting the bread first to create a solid base. Also, put a dry ingredient as the first layer in direct contact with the break so it doesn't get soggy and always to with cheese to melt and hold it all together. To avoid a big mess, make sure to keep the cheese within the perimeter of the bread slice— cleaning up a toaster of melted cheese = no fun.

Pair with a salad for the perfect summer meal :>

If you try this 'recipe' out, share your pics and comments with us on Twitter and Instagram, we'd love to drool over them! :> xoxo

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