Thursday, August 20, 2015

Girl's First Dentist Visit!

Finally took Nui Nui to the dentist. She's almost four and I've been feeling pretty guilty about it (not that it kept me up at night though :>). I've talked to many parents and dental offices and most, if not all, said they started taking their kids at 1 or 2 years old, or it is recommended.

Nui Nui finally got dental insurance and I didn't want to wait any longer— this, like most of the other ninnies I've been up to lately, has been in preparation/anticipation of things I wanted to do before #2 arrives.

So I found this dentist, who didn't have a ton of reviews but her rating was high and she accepted Nui Nui's insurance. She wasn't specifically a pediatric dentist, though, but her reviews were better than another pediatric place I read about. Pickings are slim with the insurance she has. At the other place, I read the dentists there performed unnecessary procedures, which, as a parent, scares the crap out of me.

I went with my gut.

The visit went smoothly and I couldn't imagine it happening better than it did. Sounds silly but I hoped the dentist, in the least, had stickers.

This office didn't have a hygienist and the dentist herself cleaned Nui Nui's teeth. She was really patient, too. She showed her each tool before she used them on her, including moving the chair up and down. Nui Nui did so well and was very brave. I got to told her hand the entire time and was so proud of her.

Nui Nui got the works. Her teeth were checked, water-picked cleaned, polished, and flouride'd. She has all her baby teeth in and no cavities! All looks good and Nui Nui's smile is now even a little bit shinier :>

I was also assured by the dentist that this was a good time to bring her in and have no need to feel bad about not bringing her in earlier. That, in my opinion, is at least one sign you know you're working with an honest dentist, which I appreciate. So much so that I wouldn't mind trying her out myself.

If you have kid(s), when was the first time you brought your kid(s) into the dentist? Share below and your experience, we'd love to hear! :> xo

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