Saturday, August 1, 2015

SNEAK PEAK: Nui Nui's First Ballet Dance Recital!

This week was Nui Nui's last week of ballet. Summer is flying by fast and I'm way behind on posts, as I clean house to prep for #2.

Us parents were treated to a little dance recital on the last day of class. Since we weren't allowed in the dance room and there were no windows, all these weeks we had no idea what they were doing or working on, so this was a really big treat.

I'll definitely want to look into more dance classes for Nui Nui if she wants to take them.

Below is a sneak peak of Nui Nui's last day/recital. It's hilarious because the very first picture captures the very essence of my fail as a parent :> We've been living it up this summer and as I emerged from morning sickness, we've been going to bed later. Dance is in the morning. I guess you can say, like mother like daughter, we aren't really morning people :> xo

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