Monday, August 10, 2015

Why I Took My Kid Out Of Preschool [VIDEO]

When I decided to become a parent, I didn't think about it as becoming a 'single parent', just as coupled parents probably don't really think of themselves as becoming a 'partnered parent' when they have a child. I thought just about becoming 'a parent'. Period.

And, for the most part, after almost 4 years, I still don't really think of my marital/relationship status when it comes to my kid and my role as a parent. The only time it comes up is when I'm filling out a form or application related to my kid or, unfortunately, I now know, in times like the one I describe in the video below.

I'm hoping situations like these will be few and far between. In the meanwhile, I'll at least try to share my experiences and, hopefully, make some sort of difference, even if just the tiniest bit.

Times are changing and I'm a firm believer we should all be more cognizant of all the different types of people and families out there. Not even just cognizant but accepting, or at least respectful.

This is a story and situation I thought was worth sharing in my experience as a 'single parent'. And I raise the question: What does it mean to be a father?

(Skip to 9:13 if you want to skip right into the situation.)

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