Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Little Girl, My Everything

This girl is truly my everything. Best damn decision I ever made.

Not even 4 yet, she made me so proud over and over again today.

She eagerly asked to play with the neighborhood kids and openly shared her bubbles.

She woke up from a car-ride nap with a cheek-to-cheek smile on her face and softly told me she took a nap. No fuss, no tantrum.

She easily made a friend while we were eating lunch, making the other little girl laugh (a lot), and both had a lot of fun.

Though she did hit a friend while playing, her immediate reaction was remorse and resolution-- she quickly pulled her crying friend into her arms and kissed him where it hurt. She felt so bad, she began crying herself as though she felt his pain.

She suggested we could put milk on the shelf below out new changing table because babies, like her, like to drink milk.

She cleaned up the toys she played with.

She was brave at the skate park, concentrated and focused, teaching herself how to use the scooter.

She talked about wanting to go on holiday and didn't complain that we hadn't for probably more than a year-- something I more than she admittedly feel guilty about. 'We never go anywhere', she said. And she doesn't lie. I suggested Disneyland in LA and NYC during the holidays, when we could see the xmas tree and ice skate at Rockefeller Center. She demonstrated patience when I told her it wouldn't be this week, as she suggested, and that we'd have to wait for the baby to arrive.

My baby's growing up and I'm proud of her values and who she is becoming. She still has a long journey ahead of her and I'm excited for every step she takes.

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