Saturday, August 8, 2015

Baby #2 Gender Reveal! [VIDEO]

There are many ways you can discover what gender your baby is when pregnant, if you choose to find out ahead of time.

When I was pregnant with Nui Nui, I didn't have anything planned. At the time, I didn't actually know or realize some people chose NOT to find out. I didn't necessarily feel adamant about it one way or the other but did lean on the side of knowing. So I just found out at my 20-week ultrasound, when they do the fetal anatomy scan. Check out Nui Nui's gender reveal blog post!

The reveal was definitely a moment both I and my mom will remember. She came with me to the ultrasound that day. I didn't even know how they'd tell— I was blissfully ignorant during my first pregnancy. What felt like all of a sudden, the tech showed me the legs and I was told. All I can say is: shock. That was my reaction.

It's funny because I am so thankful to have a girl. I'm sure I'd be thankful either way, really, though.

You can't have too many expectations when you're pregnant. It's dangerous. Because, when you do, you have to work even harder to change your mentality to deal with the unexpected.

This time around, I gave it more thought about how I wanted to find out. Options I found and have seen been done before included:
  • Filled Dessert: Cover a cake (or cupcakes or cakepops) with frosting or hide some goodie inside the cake. You can do this with pie and other desserts with hidden agendas too :> Cut the cake and the interior will reveal the gender. ie. Chocolate or tinted blue cake=boy; vanilla or tinted cake=girl.
  • Balloons: Fill a box with a particular color of balloons to represent a particular gender. Open box to find out gender. Alternatively with balloons, fill it with a certain color of confetti and pop the balloons to find out.

You get the idea. Hide the secret information, open it up to reveal. The possibilities are endless, really.

This time around, I could have found out my baby's gender as early as nine weeks because I elected to have a blood test checking for genetic abnormalities then. This blood test is new and wasn't available when I was pregnant with Nui Nui. But I didn't choose to find out the gender until I was out of my first trimester.

I had my OB write the gender on a piece of paper and give it to me in a sealed envelope. I held onto it for about a month— I was still working on coming out of morning sickness. I didn't have a party or anything. It was just us— mom and Nui Nui— and one of my/Nui Nui's BFFs.

The idea was for Nui Nui to open the envelope and read us the gender (because I was confident she could read the words 'girl' and 'boy') :> I think when the time came though, with the cameras and anticipation and excitement, she just got nervous.

What do you think it'll be? Leave your guess in the comments before you watch! :> xo

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