Monday, October 15, 2012

Undeniably Feel Good

After failing in our attempt to take Nui Nui to a pumpkin festival, we ended up taking her to Central Park instead. She fell asleep on our way over but luckily this girl wakes up no problem, without fuss (even if she may have been tired).

Playground! Swings! Slides! Tunnels! Flowers! Tired, schmired! There's no time for sleeping! :>

We spent probably about an hour in the park. Nui Nui walked on sand and grass for the first time, attempted to step up a curb all by herself, crawled through a big pipe, slid down the slide, tried to run after the bigger kids, swung on a bucket seat, saw (and woofed at) doggies... I think she had a blast. Despite an interrupted sleep, here's what she looked like as we left... :>

Especially for those times when you are down, please, take this :>

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