Sunday, October 14, 2012

Babe's First Haircut!

I've been meaning to cut Nui Nui's hair for a while now. We ended up getting her clips (those metal kind that snap) but either she just kept pulling them out or they did just didn't hold or stay in place.

Then her hair seemed to be ok— long enough to stay put to the side? I don't know but something I stopped noticing to be bothersome. The past few days, though, her long hair had become straggly. Unattractively so. I write that I wonder when straggly is ever attractive but whatever..

After a long day of trying to go to a pumpkin festival (and failing), reading in Barnes, playing in Central Park, and taking a dump when we got home, I decided on a whim to cut her hair right then and there on the toilet right before her bath.

My aim was to keep her side-swept bangs, not too short, and trim some of her back hair. She honestly wasn't too difficult to barber but certainly not one I could get too picky about grooming. After about 5 minutes, I dumped her in the bath and could only wait til after to see the actual results.

Well, she definitely looked different. But, as always, cute. The shorter bangs admittedly made her look more boyish but that's something we love about her or love to tease her about :>

Fun! ..despite my putting this off past 1 year old, I say this venture was a success. Following Nui Nui's bath, I was inspired to cut my own... :>

Caption: Tell me, does this haircut make my cheeks look even juicier? :>

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