Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Dark Knightress

I took Nui Nui to her first Halloween party. It was geared more toward the 3+ year olds but we had a blast with our swim friends, whom we'll be seeing more on Monday at our first day of 'school' :> Pumpkins, an inflatable bounce house, spook tunes, soccer balls, hula hoops, prizes, and crying on haystacks. Yes, it was a party not to forget :>

Today was go go go. A fun-filled day mostly just Nui Nui and I. Swim, brioche french toast with Pau Pau, Halloween party, mall walk (and dance!.. there was a concert going on), then back to Pau Pau for oxtail stew and a movie. Phew!

We're beat. ..and looking forward to tomorrow :>

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