Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How To Rock The Red Pant!

I had so much fun making this video. I've been thinking about it for a while now and for it to come to fruition makes me happy :>

It's true you don't have a lot of time for yourself when you're a momma but that shouldn't stop you from doing the things you love. Just incorporate your little one(s) into whatever you're doing. It'll be a great learning experience for them as well. ...not once did Nui Nui knock over the tripod that took time to set up :>

Check out this momma— single, 4 kids— she really inspires me. Farting rainbows everywhere and having a blast with her kids in the meanwhile. It's what's life is all about.. in my humble opinion, for me anyway.

Also, just because you're a momma doesn't mean your look has to go with that soccer-momma van you sport around. Rock it. Rock. It. No shame, no fear.

They say you should marry not only the one who makes you happy but the one who brings out the best in you. I haven't found that one yet but kids can have those same special powers, for me anyway :>

Recovery is fun. Fun. We are young. Yes. We are. It's this pieceofm, I think, that's gotten me to where I am. For those of you who are still in recovery, still struggling: Hold on. Keep fighting. Fight every day. Never give up. You are worth it. And, It. Does. Get. Better. It does.

hugs muahs and smores!


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