Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013!

We had an awesome Halloween this year (despite still in recovery from nasty stomach and cold bugs) :>

The weather has cooled down here— into the 60s (wonk wonk)— but warmed up for this festive outdoor occasion to 79-80degF! I find the weather gods are typically good to us on both the east and west coast on Halloween.

Checking out the day's activities via Facebook, I (forgot! and) realized we missed the nighttime jaunt and kept our day really easy and manageable. Nui Nui's school threw an elaborate and very impressive party, which satisfied all of our needs. We had costumes, friends, pictures, trick-or-treating, tons of party food, and fun in the sun.

Nui Nui even had her first candy— I turned my head and there she was several bites already into a mini-Reese's Pieces! I did not say she could have it nor did I really want her to eat peanuts but, seeing she was ok, let her savor her first piece.

Nui Nui was very interested in her candy, now (vs. last year) knowing sort of what it is. When we got home she threw a mini-tantrum when I took it away. I realized, then, that the school director's advice on getting rid of the candy was no joke and nixed even the suggestion of giving one piece to her the next two days. I stowed the candy away, it was forgotten about, and I brought it all to the office today.

When I say, she 'sort of' knows what it is, I mean something like this. I don't know how she chose Reese's Pieces to be her first candy— the only explanation I can give is that she is definitely my daughter :>— but as she sifted through the rest of her candy, trying to decide which to eat next, she chose Nerds because it was the only one that made noise when she shook it :>

I wanted to hit up another party with friends after our school one but I was just too tired and so was Nui Nui. We left the party before 5pm and headed to Trader Joes to pick up dinner. In addition to some candy, Nui Nui got treated with brussel sprouts— one of my personal favorites :> We ate a plain dinner of soupy noodles and cha sou and brussel sprouts and called it a night.

I was really pleased with how the day turned out and, again, really impressed with the party her school threw. Nui Nui was even lamenting when we left— usually it's about not wanting to go to school but, as we were leaving, she wanted to go back!

I was also really pleased with Nui Nui's costume. For $10, I thought it was really worth it. Cats were a big theme this year and it was fun to see her amongst them :>

Check out our adventure! Enjoy and thanks for reading/watching!

Some favorite shots of the party :>

The video!

And the full slideshow!

How was YOUR Halloween?

Share in the Comments below, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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