Saturday, November 2, 2013

Spirit Week Orange Car Face Paint

This past week was Spirit Week at Nui Nui's school and the theme on Wednesday was Face Painting. I didn't know how Nui Nui was going to take it. Would she feel uncomfortable having someone paint on her face? Nonetheless, I was excited that was the activity on the limited day of the week she was there and looking forward to seeing her face when I picked her up.

Turned out she loved it. It was almost *like* empowering or something. It was somehow symbolic|magical and hers. When I took it off before we headed to the shower, her tears helped wipe it off. She was sad that I had to take it off and so I noted to self: Get Face Paint.

Look how happy she is. At school, no less! :> It's a good feeling to pick up your kid at the end of the day and get these faces :>

Where do I get face paint?

Please let me know in the Comments below, we'd love to hear your recommendations! :> xoxo

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