Friday, November 15, 2013

School Update - November 4 - 8! :>

20 pics!

Normally, I'd put this in a slide show but I won't. Nui Nui went an extra two days (a couple of weeks ago, oops! sorry for the late post!), making that 4/5 days, to school because of Mom's diagnosis of shingles. And these 20 pics will show you how much she got out of that still-not-full week at her 'new' school. Ok, it's November, two months since she's started and the place feels like home, but, still, two months in many relationships can still be deemed 'new' (in my book).

Again, broken record, but I continue to be very (very) happy with deciding to move her to our (actually) first choice school— as she got used to the teacher in the previous one, I wasn't sure, but, hands down, this is by far more than I could have expected. School art projects, songs, outdoor play (at her previous school, her small class was isolated on a very narrow side of the building with few toys), and lots of kids and teachers to interact with. Can you hear my sigh of relief yet? :>

Without further ado, check it out...

Ooh laa laa on Thursday... :<

By Friday, Star Of The Week!! Check out our next blog post for details!

Friday pick-up! :>

Which art project or pic is your favorite?

Comment below and let us know, we'd love to hear! :> xoxo

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